Inspiration can potentially reverse some of the somatic and balance the
pain with thoughtful consideration.

The role of the Artist is to be an
agent for change to serve society and help them to reflect and bring
into actuality a more involved caring consciousness on this planet.

More than success on the material plane one needs wholeness as a being
and the decisions that concern us all must be made from this position.

Many have come with good tidings and plans but once they become
stagnant and think only they have the answers to all that is wrong and
there is no other formulation possible they begin to erode and decay.

We must be agents of workable change anchored in reality.

Awareness and
alertness of the thought process and how we convert our feelings and
ideas into action to benefit all people is the key ingredient in
creating a sustainable alive future and a meaningful present.

system that favours one class of people over another in the long run
will break down.

The oppressed will always rise and take the power
from the established ways and eventually if they do not grow with
their new realizations they too will have to be replaced.

leads to passive participation in the destructive pattern

Only by
standing and moving into an upward arc can change be created and

There is no room for non involvement to not be involved is
death to aliveness.

Happiness can not be achieved by arriving only by
living within it can we know its true effect upon us.

Only by letting
go of every attachment to a set expectation can we experience true
freedom and joy.

Each new morning brings with it the opportunity for

All the blocks are in place. The gates are wide
open. We have to walk through them and the worlds possibilities will
present themselves.

A restructuring of the fundamental approach to
life is demanded.

Merging into each other daily we engage in the ever
present symphonic progression of turning the chaos and the randomness
into constructive activity and viable existence.

Radical Reform is
called for- Great measures are essential to usher in the reformation
of new ideas and establish an equitable life and planet for all
Where one does not dominate the other and we live in Harmony
and peace.

We are the Artist of today and the future and we see the
artist in every woman and every child.

We are the ones to change the
World. One step at a time.

One breath and one heart beat That beats for
all. “

To me
the definition of success is
how many lives have you touched with a
genuine sincere caring.”

© Stephen John Kalinich
All Rights Reserved