Child of Winter


Alan Boyd created a set
a shoot
of fun pure joy and magic
Silly and sweet
everyone involved was an angel
except for me
out of an over flow of good will
he made everyone feel included
many people could learn from him
he provide snacks
planned the locations and had marvelous people helping him.
The sweet Jennifer Carno
and Tracy Landecker.
Rachel and Chris Allport a wild and crazy wonderful being who
I love.
This was a blast to do
and captures the true spirt of giving and sharing that is
the essence of Christmas.
All the kids Leo,Beau, Jesse, Will, Lola ,Luci ,Rob Wendy and Carnie
for all the good spirt and energy they put into making this happens.
Who could ask for more.
I am blessed to be a part of it.Hats off to Alan Boyd.

© Stephen John Kalinich