Beyond Baroque

baroqueExcerpts from from my letter and remarks to Eve
about March 17 at Beyond Baroque Image by ©Jill Jarrett

I loved the evening.

As you know i usually am not crazy about group readings

with more than a few poets but last night was an exception.
You are a sweet gracious host and it is wonderful you are keeping this alive.
Your reading was wonderful and the short poem was incredible.
Le me start by telling you I enjoyed everyone.

Some made more of an impact upon me.

Somehow the poems that are shorter for me work better because even if they are good or great you need to give the people you are communicating with and to space and if you rush to much towards them it is not as effective.
Also all the Poets were noble to me.
Some of them stand outs.Share what you want.

This is only my viewpoint and feelings
First let me start with Ben.

He started in the soft quiet voice

i could barely hear him but once he began to recite the words the verses the images came alive to me.
He gave space around the words.

They were just long enough to be grasped and became substantial to me.
He is a wonderful sweet soul and a good communicator.

He listens to others and he has one essential quality

that is stunning and that is he listens and focuses on you

when you talk to him

he does not fly all over the place

like so many young people

talking sending text

doing everything at once.

It makes me want to hear what he has to say

and i believe he has humility and is willing to be open.
I am very impressed with Ben as a being.
After all  it is not just the poetry and our vision but the sharing and caring the wanting to elevate the human condition

and through our works not just to sing ourselves but to embrace others.
I love Ben.
He touched me more than anyone in the immediate now.
H e was real for me.

Adrianne was so sweet so funny and there was so much truth in him.He has a gift for making people included.
He has a beautiful soul and i found him most delightful and the subtle tones and the messages so woven into the fabric of his tale made his words very powerful to me and he touched me and you can not not help but like him.

I like Frankie a lot.She had sweetness and honest and conveys warmth and caring and feeling in her work.
I like her a lot.

The man with the Ipad was quite good and fun.

Maybe a touch shorter and only the one long one would have been more effective but a lot of good there.
I do not like to criticize and these are just my reactions so i hope it is OK and share what is relevant and you want.I am not critic but I like you and want to give you my

MY intent is to encourage and not to hurt any being because it takes great courage.
I had a wonderful time.

One of the poems to me was very funny and a lot of truth but to me it could have been a touch shorter and one was enough but i enjoyed her a lot.
I know in my case some of my poems are way to long

and they come out that was so i usually abbreviate them for performance or let a friend pick a section but to each his own.

I guess it is sensing when you are doing and saying too much demanding too much and sensing your audience and knowing when to stop and when to talk.

It is a feeling kind of thing.

Some poems for me had many great moments and conveyed a lot of good feelings and thoughts.
I was not quite stirred with the performance of one poem but it was wonderful and quite moving and poignant and speaks to so may things and issues.It is a big theme a grand attempt and it was so worthwhile and moved me but i wanted more space between the words and thoughts
If i were directing  i would simply slow it down.It is a major accomplishment and i am just as critical with my own work and i sense when i feel i am not connecting.Some nights one feels the Universe and alive and knows when one connects and at other times one is clueless.

Any way these are a few of my thoughts if more come i will share them.Share what you want and the positive leave the rest between us.

If I can help anyone at any time have them call me.

The poet’s path  is  a good path.

I know I am a pain in the ass and i rant on about things and then let them go but this poetry thing is exciting and alive and lets bring the sense of it to America and the world.If they treated the poets like the rock Stars and there content not the life style it could add dimension and depth to our ill world and give it more tenderness and observation and point out some of the real needs of human beings.

These poetry nights that Eve Bransdstein puts on and Susan Hayden and LIsa THayer

are great things to experience in this chaotic world and i recommend  everyone to see them .It is  worthwhile time and i love it.