Little Bird


‘Friends’ is a special record, a special time. I think of sitting at the piano on 14400 Sunset and writing the poems and words on the piano. When Dennis called me at 3am to play me the outline on the phone. He came over in the Corniche Rolls Royce picked me up and said throw your blankets in the car. That was the beginning of the Spiritual dawning. ‘Little Bird’ ca
me first and then ‘Be Still’. As we worked more the hair on the back of my neck stood up. There was an electricity in the air God opened up the heart
Little Bird Stephen Kalinich (7)and Dennis and I became one in song and Divine love spoke through the notes. ‘Now is the time Life begins take that simple path and Love will set you free, Live in Harmony and love will set you free’ .A song inspired by the Bible “Be Still’ and know that I am God sent to me on a card from Dr Sue Sikking a friend and Unity Minister in Santa Monica. This ‘Be Still’ has saved my life again and again. It was the fore runner to ‘A Time To Live In Dreams’, ‘Rainbows’ and the original version of ‘Holy Man’ that only a few people have seen the words to. A sweet time when love pored out between friends and the world was sweeter. A feeling desperately needed in the world today. I feel even urgent. It was also the fore runner to my over looked album ‘A World Of Peace Must Come’ which contains the ‘Be Still’ Is a thought to live by poem. I am grateful to be alive and some what intact.

I am performing now all over the world with many fine poets and musicians including John Densmore still working with Al, I opened for him in Big Sur.

dennisOut of ‘Friends’ and these songs my life as an artist has grown. I am grateful
to Dennis for recognizing in me something that inspired him and though at times we were volatile together the spirit broke down the walls and life could sing through us. Brian helped on the bridge of ‘little bird’ but never told me nor did Dennis but I told Brian then I knew he did. At the time he said nothing.

In spiritual tones of ever present giving ness life is still worth living. Every day is a blessing as God sings through each of us whether we acknowledge it or not.

Little Bird Stephen Kalinich (3)