Emily or Oscar

Emily or Oscar, a cinematic love letter to the golden era of Hollywood, premiered Friday evening, September 29, at Grauman’s TCL Chinese Theatres.  Presented by iHollywood Film Fest 2023, Christopher M. Allport’s feature film directorial debut was a stunning success.

Writer, director and actor, Christopher M. Allport was presented BEST ACTOR by festival organizer Joyce Chow for his portrayal of screenwriter ‘Sam Feldman’ in this meta flick.  Also, commanding BEST ENSEMBLE, and BEST HOLLYWOOD FILM, at iHollywood Fest 2023 — Emily or Oscar was a triumph on Hollywood Boulevard at the legendary venue.

Influenced by filmmakers Woody Allen, Nora Ephron, The Cohen Brothers and Wes Anderson, Allport’s relentless pace of Emily or Oscar kept you on the edge of your seat with heartfelt, honest emotion — wondering what magic would happen in the next room.

The relationship between Allport’s character ‘Sam Feldman,’ and romantic lead ‘Emily Arthur’ portrayed by Casara Clark in her titular, breakout role — was charismatic and tender.  Through their ups and downs, Sam and Emily’s bond was both believable and entirely imaginative.

One of Emily or Oscar’s co-stars is the gorgeous Susan Blakely.  Blakely dynamically lights up the screen as ‘Sam Feldman’s’ demanding and nudgy, yet nurturing agent, ‘Bev Hardin.’  Her polished performance gives ‘Sam Feldman’ the required tools to traverse the arc of his character’s journey.

Also co-starring, is published poet Stephen J. Kalinich, in the role of ‘The Prophet.’  Kalinich is renowned the world over for his songwriting and lyric work with The Beach Boys, P.F. Sloan, Mary Wilson of The Supremes, and Paul McCartney.  Playful, and forcefully original, Kalinich’s role serves as a conscience to Allport’s ‘Sam.’  Kalinich’s peace poetry has earned him international respect as an “American Treasure.”

Jeanne Russell (Dennis the Menace) also graces the silver screen with a delightfully quirky cameo, and Susan Boyd (Happy Days), delivers an award-winning performance as a muse to ‘Emily’ in the role of ‘Mary Pickford.’

A Hollywood native, Allport became a golden-era grandchild while working and studying acting, voice, dance and directing with some of the industry’s greats including Debbie Reynolds, Donald O’Connor, Alan Young, Gary Smith, Dwight Hemion, Madilyn Clark, Alex Grasshoff, Diane Hardin, Seth Riggs, John Williams and Steven Spielberg.

Allport seemed thrilled to give us a look back to our cinematic roots, while marching forward into the digital era.  A combination of new technology developed by Allport and cinematographer Robert J. MacColl, combined with golden-era cinema techniques brought to life a superb series of shots, scenes and images.  MacColl’s stunning camera work wowed the packed house with emotional close-ups and sweeping wide-shots reminiscent of Sir Roger Deakin’s Academy Award-winning picture work.

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