Stephen J. Kalinich and Carol Schofield Interview with Harvey Kubernik

Stephen J. Kalinich Releases California Feeling 2 Vinyl LP on MsMusic Record Label

The LP format features the words and music of Stephen Jay Kalinich and Friends: Carl B. Wilson, Neil Innes, David Marks, Jon Tiven, Steve Cropper, PF Sloan and many others


HK: What are your feelings about vinyl as opposed to CD and digital for your work?


SJK: I like both for poetry I prefer vinyl but it is good to have digital for those who like that format .On the digital the Art work should be available to print out or to order a hard copy. I love the sound of vinyl.


HK:  Why do you dig vinyl? Can you hear and feel the difference when you check out the different formats that have presented your work?


SJK: Yes I can I enjoy it all but somehow the vinyl has a feel to it a more sensual appeal to me. It is more graspable. It involves your whole body.
HK: Tell me about the painting that you did that is the cover art of California Feeling 2


SJK: The Front Cover of California Feeling 2 is one of my Paintings .

The name of it  is California USA ( The Land Of Light and all nations).

Partially inspired by Anytime USA  written with David Marks 

in a Van on a ride to a performance. 

The branch of the tree of California embraces all nations and so does the USA .

We welcome diversity and our state California is a Microcosm of all people 

from all places hence the Flag and the map of America in red

and the fact that Americans are all people all nations and races

with different cultures and back grounds 

working together in a Quilt of Destiny.

It is my Love for America and My love for the world 

the figure on the left is an Americican Indian.

The man below holds the weight of the earth 

on his shoulders implying 

we are here for each other .

There is much more this is a brief explanations 

of why i created  the painting .

Carol from MsMusic Productions picked this one 

and had the Title and the rest of the work done around it .

She was very helpful.



HK:  Can you remove yourself from the product equation when you hear other artists, poets, musicians, actors recite your words? What is the experience like for you?


SJK: Sometimes I enjoy it and sometimes not. I hear the voice and if it touches me it is usually immediately. I look for emotional tones that grab me I think how I might slow it down or phrase it differently. It’s very important that the person feels it and does not just recite it. That the other artist makes the words come to life. Sometimes actors over enunciate but my artist have been great and each one has brought a unique sound and delivery.


“I am fortunate to have had Stacy Keach do a few of my poems on record and the British actor Ralph Brown, Alec Baldwin,  Samaire Armstrong to name a few. Many more I am not leaving anyone out intentionally


HK: You’ve just participated in an authorized documentary about Brian Wilson. A portrait of his creative process and legacy. Tell me about it.


SK: I can’t talk about it yet but as soon as I can I will answer this question. What I can say is I love working with him. I loved doing ‘California Feeling’ with Brian and ‘A Friend Like You’ which Paul McCartney and Brian recorded as a duet. I love Brian’s collaboration on my poetry LP, A World Of Peace Must Come released on the Light In The Attic label.


“Brian is innovative he makes the words jump off the page. He uses everything as an instrument. I love Brian Wilson. I love his daughters Carnie and Wendy and their mother, Marilyn Wilson.
HK: You’ve been reading poetry for decades around Los Angeles and occasionally in other states. You just did a show opening for Donovan at the Saban Theater in Los Angeles. Tell me about it.


SK:I was in the show with Donovan and Lili Hayden for Desmond Tutu’s 85th birthday at the Saban. Donovan was sweet, kind, talented and creative. The show was amazing. So many great people came together and Donovan can sing and play like an angel .There were other great people involved Spencer Davis, Fishbone, Incubus, Quincy Jones and Joely Fisher. Donovan was easy to talk to and knows poetry and music. His daughter Astrella and her husband Jason Rothberg put the event on.
HK: You’ve also performed at some other benefits.


SJK: Yes. I performed for the Wild Honey event last year at the Alex Theater in Glendale for Autism. I just did a poem at the relief benefit for Haiti with a known tribe. I often play at events.


I opened a television show Paul Zollo hosted with Mike Love. I did a spoken word tribute. I worked a lot with PF Sloan and I have opened for Al Jardine at the Henry Miller Museum in Big Sur and many other people.


HK: What February and March readings are you doing in the Southern California area?

SJK: I’m going to be involved in a George Harrison birthday tribute the last week of February at the Coffee Gallery in Pasadena, and then performing at a Leonard Cohen tribute.


I want to Thank Carol the owner of MsMusic Productions for always supporting my poems and music and also Mark Linett, Al Gomes and Alan Boyd.



Harvey Kubernik Speaks with Carol Schofield of MsMusic.



HK Stephen J. Kalinich has just released a second volume of California Feeling 2. You serve as Executive Producer. The compilation was produced by Mark Linett.

CS: The label received some visibility from Stevie’s debut California Feeling and we sold some records. It’s a very commercial album. I also enjoy the alignment Stevie has initiated with various Beach Boys. There’s 17 tracks.

HK: The Kalinich vinyl LP features one of his own front cover drawings. The title is “California USA (The Land of Light and all nations).” It was partially inspired by the song “Anytime USA” written by Kalinich and David Marks.

CS: I picked it. It has a Yellow Submarine vibe about it. The Blue Meanies kind of art work. So that’s why. Stevie has an edgy and sketchy aspect to his work and paintings.

HK: Who mastered the new Kalinich disc?

CS:  Ron McMaster, an engineer who is based at Capitol Records. He was referred to me by Mark Linett.

HK: Who did the LP artwork layout and design for the Kalinich album.

CS: Bob Wyne. I’ve been working with him for a decade. I had some real problems with people prior to working with him. “This is where we go!” He does my advertising. He’s head of Creative and based in Sherman Oaks, California. He has a great eye.

HK: Your label constantly presses vinyl for new albums and reissues. One popular seller is a Deep Purple BBC Live album out on 180 gram vinyl LP as well as Donovan Story Tellers, a 2 LP set that has also gone to a re-pressing.

CS: There’s always been a demand for vinyl. I support vinyl. It’s just part of my life. It breathes different. It has a different breath to it. The  180 gram vinyl we do that is mastered by Mark Linett. It’s so pure. Mark really understands engineering. From his work with the Beach Boys to Brian Wilson to Steve John Kalinich. I listen to records on vinyl. I’d like to wear vinyl clothing. [laughter] Vinyl is a passion. There is something romantic about holding a vinyl album.

HK: Where do you manufacture your records?

CS: Rainbow in Santa Monica. They are great.

HK: You have always enjoyed vinyl.

CS: I have three turntables.

HK: California Feeling 2 is only available on LP. .

CS: It’s on vinyl and people want it and it’s a different version than the initial CD I issued. It’s all the music without the poetry. So people and record collectors will have that. Because people want vinyl and it sells. Plus, it will be another part of the brand.

HK: Has there been an increase in vinyl demand for products on your label? Even mail order?

CS: Yes. I have also noticed California Feeling 2 the CD, the sale of the first California Feeling and the 45’s that the whole brand of California Feeling sells.

HK: In late 2016 there was an album released on another label that paid tribute to Stephen J. Kalinich where artists cover his songs and poems. How do you feel about that?

CS: Stevie doesn’t look at himself as a commercial entity. He looks at himself as a spiritual healer, a word man and inspiration to the world. If he gets any attention, fame, and also retail sales, on my label or anywhere else, he’s ever going to be ever so grateful, because we all need dollars. It’s cool that there’s an album out with people celebrating his work. It’s another audio example of how strong his material is. His writing touches everybody. Universally.  

“At the same time, Stevie doesn’t write or record for the money. He does it from his heart, and for his love of people, sharing, and involving people he trusts, loves and knows they have strong ethics. Those are the only kind of people he really gravitates too. He keeps his circle clean and healthy in those ways.

HK: Your MsMusic label also released in 2015 the last authorized album by PF Sloan, My Beethoven. A singer and songwriter who you met from Stephen.

CS: Phil was spiritual. He understood the backstabbing elements of the music industry. I listened to his songs since I was a teenager to the present. He had different chapters of experience of his heart. And everything that came out in his writing and songs over 50 years they have his heart attached. When you start listening to them, and following them, you can hear a heart. The teen ballads he created. All the political views. I think that is why we became close. I understood what he was saying and he understood me. And he felt me and I felt him. He would ask my opinion on things, and I always deferred to him. He’s the rock ‘n’ roll icon.

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