Journal adventure “Stay intoxicated”

I would like to stay in the romance 
of loving the new adventures .
So quickly we lose it 
in pursuit of making a living 
getting a job 
and a career.
We spent hours in music schools 
and create music 
write songs 
but we never or seldom
do all the living
that it takes to become a really great writer .
We limit our experience at every turn. 
We need to re-capture the adventure 
the spirit 
of starting life.
I know with 
what we can learn 
where we can go
how we can travel 
and let the career evolve out of that 
and not think so Young 
of making a living 
but when we are young .
We must experience life 
taste all its fruits.
We must journey 
to the far ends of ourselves 
and travel 
meet people 
learn languages 
and customs 
play with our friends 
don’t miss moments 
and moments 
of doing nothing 
the leisure 
moments of just experiencing 
the sun on your body. 
Let us re-capture t
he Romance the  adventure 
Stephen John Kalinich