I want to say

I want to say
Duration: 3.00Year: 2010
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ralph_and_stevie__5_I Want to Say:Words: Stephen Kalinich     Music:  Ralph Stevens

Stevie sent me this poem on his 69th birthday. I loved the lyric and the message and found myself at the piano where these chord changes and melody for the verses that seemed to write themselves. It is so true that words fail to say what we want to say.  I woke up with the bridge in my head a few days later.  I wanted to have girls singing background and my daughter, Savannah, happened to be home with her friends. I gathered them up and they did a great job and had a blast recording. I think their energy and enthusiasm comes through. The beautiful bass part was played by Dave Curry of “Jazz Butchers”. Stevie did the vocal and I played on the rest of the tracks. I plan to include it on a future LP I am producing of our material.

(photo © W Earl Brown)